PERC Development LLC formed in October of 2010 as a partnership between Taylor J. Filo and Travis J. Manceaux. Both had been working in the construction industry for numerous years but wanted to leave their own legacy.

The company’s first focus was on infill real estate development and restoration projects in downtown Lake Charles. They recognized the need and demand for properties that had been neglected over the years and understood how the growing trend of “New Urbanism” would benefit the community. So, the company focused on acquisition of properties that could be rehabilitated and brought back to their original luster with modern day amenities.

After the first couple of years of buying, restoring, and selling homes in the downtown area, the community recognized PERC as a company who was truly dedicated to loving neglected properties and bringing a sense of quality that was unparalleled in Lake Charles. “Once we started doing custom renovations and custom builds for customers, we no longer had time to buy, renovate, build and sell for ourselves.”Travis J. Manceaux

In January of 2016, PERC Development expanded the organization by hiring its first full-time employee. Today PERC employs over 20 full time employees and is actively seeking passionate professionals in the industry. PERC Development has also expanded its operations to include Commercial Construction and Light Industrial which today makes up the largest portion of its current workload. PERC Development has also expanded its market reach and currently serves communities along the I-10 corridor in South Louisiana with plans to continue expansion both East and West to neighboring communities.

“We have been greatly humbled by the overwhelmingly positive response from the local community and their appreciation for the quality product we provide. More than once we have been approached, thanked, and commended on building infill properties that match the natural landscape of our downtown neighborhoods.”Taylor J. Filo

So, we know you’re wondering…what does PERC stand for? Passion – Excellence – Reliability – Commitment? Well, yes, but that’s not exactly it. Finding the perfect name for a business can be a tough task, but for Travis and Taylor it seemed fairly simple. PERC came from where any loving father would gain inspiration and motivation to make the community around them the best it could be—it came from their children. At the time, both Taylor and Travis each had 2 daughters (they now each have 3 daughters!) in which they took the first initial of each of their 2 daughters. The P stands for Presley (Travis’s middle daughter), the E stands for Emily (Taylor’s oldest daughter), the R stands for Riley (Travis’s oldest daughter) and the C for Cate or Catherine (Taylor’s middle daughter). Though each of their youngest daughters are not quite represented in name sake both Molly (Taylor’s youngest) and Ellie (Travis’s youngest) continue to be great inspiration both personally and professionally.

Every project at PERC is completed with the understanding that our family and community stand at the center of what we do. We intend to leave things better than how we found it, stand strong in our community, and help to build community through quality and hard work.

Thank you Louisiana, we appreciate your willingness and gratefulness in being part of our team, and we look forward to continuing to serve you.


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