Planning & Preparing is key


When you have a thorough pre-construction plan, your project is geared for success from the very beginning, even in a challenging environment like construction. We believe that successful pre-construction planning goes hand in hand with accurate budgeting. PERC Development’s Construction Management excels in crafting long lead procurement strategies, construction phasing plans, and accurate budgets for your project. In every project, we help our clients establish orderly schedules and strategies and then bring them to fruition. We combine old-school knowledge and experience with state-of-the-art technology to find innovative solutions.

Designing an effective pre-construction plan requires the oversight of multiple elements. When you contract PERC Development, you’ll receive expert guidance at every turn. On each project, we collaborate with the owner and their consultants along with the design team to ensure they are fully apprised of every critical element and can make the best decision for the unique circumstances and demands of the work.


We work with our customers as a team to make out all possible issues seen and unseen regarding projects.

Budget Development

There are four steps to developing a budget: preparation and submission, approval, execution, and audit and evaluation.  Don’t stress, we’ll handle each step.


PERC Development  handles securing the necessary goods and services needed for YOUR future project!


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